A seamless tapestry of art, music and sound.

The Birds

Click here for complete track

Throughout the history of human existence, both birds and humans have consistently used the sounds of the world to create music.  We know that birds have been making music millions of years before humans.  To me, birds represent our longing for light, for stars, for rainbows, and for jubilant song.  Birds have always provided humans with a constancy and connection to the natural environment.  And perhaps, that’s why humans and birds have a unique relationship.  Birds and their songs remind us of the true beauty that’s in our world, but they also remind us of how bleak this world would be without them.  “Preservation of the environment and sustaining of human life in nature is the ultimate challenge of the twenty-first century.  If we fail, there will be no more bird or human song for anyone to hear,” said David Rothenburg.

I have written this music as an attempt to maintain a relationship with nature as a song to the best musicians of all time, the birds.

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