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New ATEC Tradition Takes Shape

They aren’t cosplayers who took a wrong turn on their way to a comic book convention. They’re students. And the handmade cardboard suits they’ve donned are being graded.

For three semesters and counting, students in a class that teaches the principles and elements of 3-D design have created detailed cardboard suits. Part of the assignment requires acting, whether portraying a dinosaur, comic book character or a deep-water diver.

The wearables, made out of cardboard, glue, tape and imagination, take about three weeks to construct. The assignment is capped by a parade that showcases the creations.

“I’ve always had the students do a parade from ATEC to the plinth, conversing with students they come in contact with along the way,” said Roxanne Minnish, School of ATEC senior lecturer.

The popularity of the assignment inspired a new event this year: the  Cardboard Wearable Ball in the ATEC Building (pictured below).

Take that, Hogwarts.

—Paul Bottoni



Some digital art I’ve done recently.  It reminds me of the graffiti that I recently saw in the pillboxes in Hawaii.  There’s so much history on the island of Oahu.