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This story was written by one of the students in our group.   We then took the story to the streets and filmed it.  We recruited the female actor, male actor and elderly man, as well as one of our UT Dallas police officers.  Roxanne Minnish wrote the music to the video and Laura Ehrich helped adding the sound effects.  This was a semester long project.

Soundscapes at the Dallas Museum of Art

This project was done with a graduate class at The University of Texas at Dallas and the Dallas Museum of Art in May of 2009.  Pieces of art were selected by the museum. Students chose pieces that interested them to write a soundscape.  I was fortunate enough to do ten soundscapes.  I believe that soundscapes add to art.  Sometimes you “hear” something that you may not have “seen” looking at a painting.  Give this a try.  Go through this gallery of art with your sound muted.  Go through it again with you sound turned up.  Does it make a difference in how you view the piece?

Fast Facts – The University of Texas at Dallas

Debuted as a pre-roll to the UT Dallas Fall 2010 commencement ceremonies, this short film highlights facts both informative and fun facts about the University and it students. The project features the work of two UT Dallas arts and technology majors – current graduate student Roxanne Minnish created the original soundtrack and Isaac Murray BA’09 produced and animated the film.

Panel of Presidents – The University of Texas at Dallas

Panel of Presidents - The University of Texas at Dallas

This video was created to commemorate the last 40 years of The University of Texas at Dallas. Nostalgia played at the Panel of Presidents, an event that brought back two previous President’s and had them discuss topics regarding the university.

For more information on the event please visit the article at UT Dallas’ website:

Directed by: Isaac Murray
All CG and Visual Effects by: Isaac Murray
Soundscape by: Roxanne Minnish